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SBA Loans Can Help To Finance Small Businesses

It is no secret that businesses generally, and small businesses in particular, have been through rough times, and those are not over yet. Still, there is some assistance to be had as a small business owner if you know where to look. One prominent example is the Small Business Administration (SBA) and its Guaranteed Loan Programs.

Chalk One Up For The Little Guy

Nate Thoma is not a lawyer, but he is a soft‑spoken, yet confident, small investor in Washington Mutual, the big bank that was seized by the federal government in 2008 and ended up in bankruptcy. As for so many other investors, Nate’s stake in the bank was wiped out.

Estate Planning With Ilits

For some people, life insurance may not spring to mind immediately as an effective estate planning tool. A life insurance policy remaining in the estate of the insured is subject to federal estate taxes. However, when carefully crafted and put in place with the guidance of an appropriate professional, there is a way both to obtain the familiar benefits of a life insurance policy—providing a measure of financial security for the beneficiaries—and to remove the policy’s proceeds from exposure to the estate tax.




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